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See how much your project is going to cost.

Do you already have a project in mind or are you looking for something more complex? If yes, use our online pricing calculator to see how much your custom project would cost. As all websites are different and unique, this calculator will give you a rough estimate of how much the design project will cost.

Then, use the form at the end to send us your project and we will get back to you with more details on how was can help and bring your custom website to life.

Site Build
Choose from either one of our pre-made templates or a custom design.
Website Type
Which option best describes your project?
What images and text will be used on the site?
Web Hosting (Per Year)
What package would you prefer your site to be hosted on?
Web hosting is where your site files live and how they are shown to the user.
Our low cost option is hosted on a shared network and offers standard load time and speed.
Our premium option is hosted on a cloud network and offers fast load times and speed.
Maintenance And Security (Per Year)
Choose if you want your site fully managed or if you want to manage the site yourself.
A fully managed plan includes constant support, software and security updates. We maintain your website and keep everything running smoothly.
If you want to manage the site yourself, you will still receive 30 days of support after the website is completed.
Number Of Extra Pages
Up to 5 pages are included in every site build. If you site will be 8 pages, please add an extra 3 pages.
Extra Options

Estimated Cost

Price includes the build and 12 months of hosting. For a price in your currency, please send us this project and in the comments mention your currency.

Enter your details to send us your project and we will reply back with more information.

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